Shamrock Grove Arabians offers a wide range of equestrian training programs to learn how to properly look after and ride horses under the guidance of the expert staff. Whether you want to acquire information and skills  through instructional training or interested in having your horse professionally trained, we have got you covered. Regardless of your objectives, our comprehensive equestrian services go perfect for you!

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Horse training and boarding

At our boarding facility, your horse will be given individual attention and professional care, as well as daily pasture turnout, spacious stalls, and scheduled visits from the veterinarian and farrier on a regular basis.

For equestrian competitors, finding the perfect equine partner is vital to their success. In the role of trustworthy consultants, the Shamrock Grove Arabians professionals are devoted to finding the right equine companions.

Our trainers can start green horses, re-train problematic horses, and fine-tune competition horses. With the help of fundamental dressage, gymnastics, and other flat exercises, we are able to produce high-quality horse experts.

Why Shamrock?

Shamrock Grove Arabians is a place where fellow students and family members regularly show their support when one of the students succeeds in overcoming a long-standing phobia or learning a new skill of riding horses. Your accomplishment is the ultimate pinnacle of our achievements!


Low Prices Guaranteed


Money is a by-product of our services, not a goal for us. So we place a strong emphasis on keeping our prices as low as possible. Regardless of your financial standing, our prices are quite unlikely to go out of your budget.