Horseback Riding Camp Lee’s Summit – Kansas City MO

2022 Dates

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Requirements for Camp:
  • ​​All campers must wear the required attire to be able to participate in camp activities: pants that reach the ankle, closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes or boots, and a shirt that covers the shoulders. ​
  • Campers must be able to share with others and listen to instructions. Any rider that cannot follow the rules will not be allowed to participate in camp activities. Safety around the horses is our #1 priority and the rules that we give to our riders are in place to keep them safe.
  • All payments for camp must be made upfront. Any campers that have an outstanding balance will not be allowed to participate. Any spots not paid for 24 hours before the day of camp will not have their spot held and are subject to losing the spot to another.
  • Camp fees are non-refundable. We hold spots for each and every camper and, with limited spots, we want to give everyone an opportunity to participate.
  • Please allow yourself at least 5 minutes before the start of camp to fill out some required paperwork. Any camper that has incomplete paperwork will not be allowed to participate in camp activities.
  • All campers must have their hair pulled back (if able). Please put hair into a ponytail near the base of the neck to allow room for a helmet.

Horse riding camps for adults and kids

Our horseback riding camp offers the opportunity for adults and children to perfect their riding abilities, expand their horsemanship knowledge, and have fun while doing so with other campers. Every day, campers will participate in a variety of activities, including horse care, athletics, and crafts. Each camper is greeted by a friendly member of our staff upon arrival. After that, they are introduced to their fellow campers.

Apart from horse riding skills, we create a purposeful atmosphere for our campers, based on the four pillars of community, adventure, leadership, and freedom. With the help of well-trained personnel, we aim to teach and inspire lifelong skills and values.

Wondering how do you keep yourself posted about our upcoming lessons and activities? Well, we share everything on the website.

For quick info, just give us a call.

Experienced equestrian coaches


Our trainers are picked not only for their riding expertise but also for their enthusiasm for educating individuals. We make sure that all of our counselors are well-versed in our program’s specialized safety measures and instructional methods even before the camp season begins.

Why join our camp?


  • You will gain practical experience

While at camp, campers not only improve their riding skills but also have a chance to connect with the horses. As they get to know the horses and learn how to care for them, the campers are also sharpening their own personal abilities. For those who want to learn to care for horses and stables, our summer camp for equestrians is a great place to start.

  • You will make new friends

Horse-loving campers build close bonds with one another as they learn and improve their riding skills. Campers get to meet people from different parts. As they live, eat, and learn together, they form long-lasting friendships and gain vital insights from the experience.

  • You will learn the importance of teamwork

You will learn the value of working together in a group in a camp setting. Campers learn how to work together to overcome obstacles, whether it is to set up a campfire, play board games, or cook a meal. This is particularly essential for kids. When kids work together, they learn that they are all part of a larger community and that they all have a place in that group.

We have the best horse stables

Stables play a critical role in the overall well-being of a horse. That is why do not opt for cookie-cutter horse stables. Our team makes sure to dive into the specifics before housing our horses in any of the stables.