Horse Riding Birthday Party Lee’s Summit – Kansas City, MO

Want to have a horse filled birthday party for your little one? Our birthday party service includes pony rides, horse grooming and an area with tables for presents and cake.

Want to decorate a horse? We can provide all the materials necessary to decorate our pony.

Want to have our “very rare Golden Unicorn” attend the party? We can have her all prepared when you arrive.

Kids Birthday Party

Activities your kids are going to enjoy

Our hand-guided pony rides create an atmosphere that is both secure and enjoyable for the guests of your pony party. Our ponies, which will be dressed up for the occasion, are kind and well-mannered companions that take. After the rides and other activities, guests are given gifts, and snacks to complete the birthday celebration.

Delightful pony rides


Each of our ponies is led by a member of our professional staff. As soon as you arrive, ponies will be saddled and ready to go!

In contrast to a carousel ride that goes around in circles, the ponies are guided around our grassy area surrounding the pavilion. Sandals and slip-on shoes are not permitted for children or adults walking alongside the ride.

Kids Horse Riding Activities

What’s inside for parents?


We want parents to be a part of their children’s parties. Parents are encouraged to walk beside their children, especially those who are younger, to ensure that they do not lose their balance. It also provides parents a great opportunity to watch their child ride and snap pictures of the event. Even though our horses are very well behaved and easy to lead, parents are recommended to dress appropriately and wear shoes with closed toes.

Kids on Horse

Chance to introduce your child to a new hobby

Without prior experience on a farm or getting horse riding classes, many youngsters may never have the opportunity to interact with horses or learn anything about them. Because of this, organizing a birthday party that involves horseback riding is an excellent way to introduce children and youths to the fascinating world of horses.

Riding a horse is not only a relaxing experience, but it also has a positive impact on both one’s health and character. For example, it may teach riders responsibility, build self-confidence, improve physical fitness, and inspire children to spend more time outdoors in nature.

Our horses


The Shamrock Grove Arabians team leaves no stone unturned to ensure the well-being of horses. Our horses have easy access to high-quality roughage and clean water. Being horse enthusiasts, we are also well-versed with the fact that exercise plays a key role to keep horses healthy. That is why, our trainers engage them in physical activities regularly. Take our word for it; having a horse-themed birthday party will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you!




The budget-friendliness has been one of our features.
Shamrock Grove Arabians take pride in setting up an electrifying birthday environment for your little munchkin without breaking your bank.