Regardless of your age, level of expertise, or preferred riding style, our adult horse training lessons will help you get started in the right direction. We have professional instructors, so you are likely to find exactly what you are searching for.

Shamrock Grove Arabians ensures that learners not only feel safe during their classes but also have a good time.

adults horse riding training
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Professional horseback riding training for youth and beginner adults

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all horse riding lessons. Therefore, we do not treat every learner with a standard approach. After the riders are mounted, we give each student the time they need to get to know their horse and keep an eye on their confidence level.

Depending on the specific individual, some adults may ride with self-assurance and pick it up fast, while others will perhaps require additional time to relax before making significant progress.


Our trainers at Shamrock Grove Arabians are aware that educating an adult rider takes a distinct set of skills, approaches, and considerations. Adult beginners tend to be more apprehensive than children when it comes to taking lessons. Despite their excitement, they may be nervous due to their past experiences and knowledge of potential threats. These concerns are addressed early on in the class by our trainers and taken out of the equation.

Is there anything I need to bring with me?

One of the most critical components of riding, apart from the horse itself, is the gear you will be utilizing. If you want to learn to ride a horse, it is important that both you and your horse be properly equipped for your first session. To begin, you will need the following items:

  • An authorized riding helmet
  • Boots with a two-inch heel
  • Comfortable pants
riding helmet shoes

We start with the ground work

When working with a horse, you can use the word “groundwork” to refer to any activities other than riding. We start at the very beginning, learning how to catch, lead, groom, and tack up your horse from the ground. These early lessons will give you a better understanding of horse behavior and psychology. This understanding is essential for establishing a trustworthy and harmonious relationship with your horse in the long run.


Why Shamrock?

Shamrock Grove Arabians is a place where fellow students and family members regularly show their support when one of the students succeeds in overcoming a long-standing phobia or learning a new skill of riding horses. Your accomplishment is the ultimate pinnacle of our achievements!

Low Prices Guaranteed


Money is a by-product of our services, not a goal for us. So we place a strong emphasis on keeping our prices as low as possible. Regardless of your financial standing, our prices are quite unlikely to go out of your budget.